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Molly MortonIt really is possible to have a few leisurely days of the week. The Cleaning Fairies help reduce the stress of having to clean when you’ve already worked a 40-hour week (or a 13-credit hour school week, which essentials means no cleaning time – ever). Owner Molly Morton started her business in 1998. She needed a flexible job while her daughter was in preschool, so she started to clean for neighbors. After cleaning up a neighbor’s house, they brought her a bottle of wine and announced “The Cleaning Fairy Came!” Morton instantly fell in love with it and appropriately named her company.


The 23 fairies (and ninjas, as the men prefer to be called) do everything from residential to commercial cleaning, and they’re big on moving cleans now that students are coming into Boulder for the fall. “We turn entire apartment buildings in a day,” says Morton. They take care of 600 residences across Boulder County, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We’re trying to improve the quality of peoples’ lives,” says Morton. “We clean the entire community from the single mom to the couple that’s arguing over who’s going to clean the toilet.”


The Cleaning Fairies offer their services to students, as well, no matter the mess. The company does regular cleanings for students, but they are called upon during school breaks to ensure that students return to cleanliness. How far do the Cleaning Fairies go for students? “We clean up after beer pong,” Morton says.


It’s a great price, too, to have fairies and ninjas clean up your apartment. At only $35 per labor hour, you will get your sinks scrubbed and your toilet paper “fairyfolded.” The fairies will clean everything you don’t have time to do in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They encourage notes left in the house so they know exactly what you want. If you think they’re just an anonymous cleaning services, think again. The company’s success is due to long-lasting customer relationships and word-of-mouth referrals.


Honorable, trustworthy, and an integral part of the Boulder community, the Cleaning Fairies provide a unique services to meet any cleaning needs.
If you want more time with your kids or you just don’t have enough hours to clean during the school semester, this is the company that will help you get your weekends back.


Jaime Bogardy / Colorado Daily

The Cleaning Fairies Giving Your Weekends Back

When Molly Morton moved to Boulder and started cleaning homes 20 years ago, she never thought that she would one day be serving more than 600 regular clients in Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Gunbarrel, Niwot, Longmont, and Lyons—but that’s exactly what happened.


What started as a flexible job for a single mother turned into a successful and popular enterprise that would employ more than 22 people and give thousands of hours back to families just like hers. It would also become the family business, as her daughter Kyla became a Fairy as soon as she could drive and is now an office manager and co-owner.


“I realized that my gift to the people around me was more than just a clean space, it was the opportunities that opened up for them because of what I did,” Molly told me in our interview. She asked rhetorically, “Why should everyone spend so much time cleaning their home or business when they could be spending time on their business or with their family?” The answer? They shouldn’t; most people have better priorities than cleaning, so let the professionals do it!


Consistency is key for The Cleaning Fairies. Whether it’s a onetime job or a regular clean, Molly, daughter Kyla, and officemates Lindsey and Heather meet with every new client to do a walk through of the area, taking note of special requests, and making sure the agreement is clear. Then, they’ll schedule the same Fairies or Ninjas (male employees) to the job each time and do a follow-up to make sure everything went according to plan.


Molly’s trustworthiness and attention to detail have resulted in a staff that is well-trained, communicative, and always trying to improve. Since daughter Kyla returned from college with a business and marketing degree, she’s brought fresh ideas and a new perspective that has earned the respect of her coworkers and made everyone happier. “She took it from a “mom shop” to a well-oiled machine,” Molly reported. Lindsey added: “Kyla has played one of the most influential roles in terms of guiding us, keeping us current in the market and increasing our quality of service.”


Inviting a stranger into your home or business can be a little nerve-wracking at first, but it’s reassuring to know all the Fairies and Ninjas have gone through background checks, and that the same team will be coming over each time. The company is only 20 years old, but some of the employees have been paired with the same customer for 16 years! Their work comes with a satisfaction guarantee, as well, so if something needs to be done again, they’ll snap on a new pair of gloves and do it.


Sarah M., a Niwot resident, said “One of the most appreciated aspects of The Cleaning Fairies is that the same crew comes every time to clean my house, which makes for a personalized cleaning session in which the gals know the house well and what needs to be done. I feel very confident that they are honest and honorable and I’m comfortable with them in my house whether I’m there or not.”


To be successful, Molly has surrounded herself with a talented team and she is committed to treating them well, knowing that the investment will pay off in the form of happy clients that would gladly spread the good word and create more business. Word-of-mouth referrals make up a large part of their marketing, actually, and the relationships that have blossomed from it are unforgettable.


Some two-dozen realtors use The Cleaning Fairies exclusively for showings and move-outs; another three-dozen builders and contractors use them to prep for new move-ins. Property managers use them for multi-family apartments, and they’ve also noticed an emerging market in turning over short-term rentals like Airbnb. Even restaurants and event planners find great value in their services.


Top-notch customer service is an area of abundant pride for these masters of the makeover. They use only safe, natural, environmentally friendly, green products, but if you’ve got a favorite product or a special need, they’ll be happy to acquiesce. To keep The Cleaning Fairies from transferring pet dander and other airborne irritants from one home to another, they’ll use the client’s vacuum to clean carpets, but they do carry a small brushless vacuum around with them for hardwood floors and linoleum because sweeping would just create dust.


Molly’s team isn’t just there for you when you don’t have the time to clean, they’re there for you when you’re not able to clean, too. They proudly partner with “There With Care,” a service that caters to those with a terminal illness, to keep their living space neat and tidy. “It’s such an honor to do that work because we’re one of the few constants in their lives, and we often forge strong bonds with them, lending emotional support to vulnerable people in their final months or years,” Molly revealed.


The Cleaning Fairies also sponsor events in their respective communities and schools, host foreign exchange students, and provide jobs to immigrants on work visas. Molly’s been a giving person from the very beginning–the name Cleaning Fairy was actually given to her by vacationing neighbors who exclaimed “the cleaning fairy came” upon returning to find a spotless home, courtesy of Molly and a fortuitous client cancellation.


Do you know someone who could use a little more time away from wiping and washing? Maybe you should call The Cleaning Fairies and get them a gift certificate; and if it’s you that could use a little time off from feather dusting, then The Cleaning Fairies would certainly be willing to work for you and give you your weekends back! visit: cleaningfairies.com or call (720) 565-3411


Mike Shelton / business beat 

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