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What Local’s Are Saying

Molly MortonIt really is possible to have a few leisurely days of the week. The Cleaning Fairies help reduce the stress of having to clean when you’ve already worked a 40-hour week (or a 13-credit hour school week, which essentials means no cleaning time – ever). Owner Molly Morton started her business in 1998. She needed a flexible job while her daughter was in preschool, so she started to clean for neighbors. After cleaning up a neighbor’s house, they brought her a bottle of wine and announced “The Cleaning Fairy Came!” Morton instantly fell in love with it and appropriately named her company.


The 23 fairies (and ninjas, as the men prefer to be called) do everything from residential to commercial cleaning, and they’re big on moving cleans now that students are coming into Boulder for the fall. “We turn entire apartment buildings in a day,” says Morton. They take care of 600 residences across Boulder County, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We’re trying to improve the quality of peoples’ lives,” says Morton. “We clean the entire community from the single mom to the couple that’s arguing over who’s going to clean the toilet.”


The Cleaning Fairies offer their services to students, as well, no matter the mess. The company does regular cleanings for students, but they are called upon during school breaks to ensure that students return to cleanliness. How far do the Cleaning Fairies go for students? “We clean up after beer pong,” Morton says.


It’s a great price, too, to have fairies and ninjas clean up your apartment. At only $35 per labor hour, you will get your sinks scrubbed and your toilet paper “fairyfolded.” The fairies will clean everything you don’t have time to do in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They encourage notes left in the house so they know exactly what you want. If you think they’re just an anonymous cleaning services, think again. The company’s success is due to long-lasting customer relationships and word-of-mouth referrals.


Honorable, trustworthy, and an integral part of the Boulder community, the Cleaning Fairies provide a unique services to meet any cleaning needs.
If you want more time with your kids or you just don’t have enough hours to clean during the school semester, this is the company that will help you get your weekends back.


Jaime Bogardy / Colorado Daily

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