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There are many reasons to sign up for regular routine cleans in your workspace. A few of the most impactful reasons are:


  • When you have a workspace that colleagues, coworkers & customers come to, first impressions matter. If they walk into a clean organized environment, you automatically appear more professional & put together. This increases the likelihood of landing a sale!
  • Cleanliness increases efficiency & keeps people on task! It’s incredibly difficult to keep your priorities straight if you are constantly tidying up after yourself or others. Leave that to the professionals. Your desk is your home 5 days of the week, it should be a priority to keep it clean!
  • If you have weekly cleans, it holds everyone to the same standard and makes people want to get those loose papers filed away in preparation for their clean. This also ensures that you have room to work in your space when things are not cluttered or stacked on top of each other.


We have a smaller crew who works on the weekends & in the evenings to service some of our commercial accounts. We are also not opposed to clean during operating hours, if we need to work around you & your staff,  that is no problem! Just let us know of any sensitivities you have, so we are sure to communicate them with our staff in advance. We clean offices on bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly rotations. We also have a handful of commercial accounts that use us on as needed basis! Whatever the frequency you are looking for, a clean work environment  is guaranteed to be good for yourself & your team!”



We have been doing commercial accounts since 1998.  Many busy offices and warehouses utilize our services in evenings after 5, or on weekends…


We remove garbage/recycling, wipe desks if they are “tidied”, sanitize kitchenettes and bathrooms, restock paper supplies, clean entry/glass throughout, and do a general clean so that your office staff can do what they do best and leave the cleaning to the Fairies/Ninja’s.


These offices range from Breweries, small office spaces, to enormous factories, even a Fraternity house!


No job is too large or too small for our staff to handle!


Cublicals/Conference Rooms: 5-15 min per

  • Wipe down all surfaces (desks, chairs, tables, window sills, file cabinets etc.)
  • Spot check glass doors & windows
  • Vacuum and/or mop floors
  • Remove all trash
  • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
  • Dry dust keyboards & computer bases

Kitchenettes: 10-30 min per

  • Wipe down all surfaces (countertops, sink, various other surfaces)
  • Spot check cabinet fronts
  • Wipe down any small appliances
  • Polish fronts of any larger appliances
  • Inside & outside of the microwave
  • Do any dishes in the sink
  • Remove trash
    Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
    Vacuum & mop floors

Bathrooms: 5-30 min each

  • Sanitize all surfaces (sink, toilet, floors etc.)
  • Restock soap, paper towels & toilet if necessary
  • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
  • Vacuum & mop floors

Hallways/Stairways: 5-15 min each

  • Any surfaces wiped down
  • Vacuum and/or mop floors
  • Wipe railings
  • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers

Lobby / various other areas: 5-30 min each

  • Wipe down any surfaces (tables, chairs, desks etc.)
  • Vacuum and/or mop floors
  • Spot check glass
  • Spot check baseboards & outlet covers
  • Trash removal

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The Cleaning Fairies

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Fax: (303) 444-1244

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Hours of Operation:

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.


Cleaning Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 9:00-5:00